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The ζεύγμα game

Otherwise known as the Games Room, think of this as a subforum of the social club reserved just for sociable icebreaker games. Beware - they can be addictive!
Maria Mac
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Re: The ζεύγμα game

#21 Postby Maria Mac » March 6th, 2008, 12:37 am

Latest post of the previous page:

He pulled a cunning stunt and a ligament when he burst out of that birthday cake.

para handy
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Re: The ζεύγμα game

#22 Postby para handy » March 6th, 2008, 12:55 am

He turned a deaf ear to her nagging, a blind eye to her affair, his nose up at her suggestion for a romantic holiday in Morcambe and up late to the divorce hearing.

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Re: The ζεύγμα game

#23 Postby Zoe » March 6th, 2008, 1:43 pm

He a gave her a cordial welcome and to drink.

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Alan H
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Re: The ζεύγμα game

#24 Postby Alan H » March 8th, 2008, 11:19 pm

He banged the door shut and his mistress.
Alan Henness

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1. What, precisely, are the significant and tangible benefits of leaving the EU?
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Emma Woolgatherer
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Re: The ζεύγμα game

#25 Postby Emma Woolgatherer » March 10th, 2008, 10:24 am

It soon became apparent that Maggie couldn't hold her liquor, her tongue for five minutes or a candle to her sister Jane.

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Re: The ζεύγμα game

#26 Postby Firebrand » March 10th, 2008, 10:35 am

He ran out of luck, into his ex-wife and up a huge debt all on the same day.

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Re: The ζεύγμα game

#27 Postby DougS » July 21st, 2008, 12:59 pm

I had a great time, a lot to drink and a gorgeous brunette last night.

(I wish).

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